Storytelling Vision

A Wedding, at it’s core, is a story. It’s a completely unique story of a day - arguably the most important day - in the lives of two people. My role as a photographer is to tell that story as honestly as I possibly can. 

I aim for a transparency in my photography that neither adds nor takes away from the moments that I am documenting. I want people to look back on their Wedding Day & remember it exactly as they experienced it. 

Timeless Imagery

Wedding photographs are not to just be enjoyed by one generation, but generations for years to come. While photographic trends & styles come & go, my goal is create a simple, beautiful & honest photograph that stands the test of time.

As a photographer, I am drawn to photos that are classic. Photos that could have been taken in 1957 or 2017.

Trust & Relationships

While a photographer’s photos are an important part of selecting them to document a Wedding, I believe the relationship with that photographer is equally as important than their portfolio.

Being chosen to document a Wedding is being invited into the inner circle of someone’s life. Creating transparent photographs relies on having a trust & comfortability with those around me. 

I aim to create an environment where everyone is comfortable & less aware of being photographed - giving way to moments that are real & authentic.

Schedule & Flow

A great Wedding Day often relies on a great schedule. My goal is to craft a photography timeline that allows everyone to feel relaxed, excited & fully present for the day’s events.

Taking photos should not be at the expense of enjoying & experiencing the Wedding Day. I work intently to build a schedule that suits each unique Wedding & gives me enough time to do what I do best.