Europe - Paris, France

The last stop on my trip before returning home was Paris. I didn't plan on visiting, but it made sense to pass through before travelling back to London for my return flight. Unfortunately I only had a day & a half in Paris, which was not even close to being enough time. I met up with a friend of a friend, Marie, who graciously dedicated one evening to showing me around the city. Like in many of the places I visited, it was very nice to have a local contact there to meet & get a view of the city from a resident.

Paris was beautiful, but by this point in the trip, I was exhausted & ready to return home. I look forward to returning again, but 1) in the summer 2) with a better knowledge of the French language & 3) spending more than two days.

The month in Europe was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. I saw places I never imagined seeing, met people I never thought I'd meet, built relationships that didn't exist before my travels & really got a chance to withdraw from work-mode & have time to reset before the start of the new year. I learned that traveling & seeing the world really is a plausible, possible thing that anybody can do. So grab a camera, backpack, map and go!