/aa·stn grō/

My name is Austin Gros. I was born in Louisiana, spent the majority of my life in Texas & have now made my home in Nashville, Tennessee with my wife Amanda & our beautiful children.

Working as a wedding photographer for the past fourteen years has been an incredible honor. There is a great privilege & responsibility in being selected to document one of the most important & meaningful days in the lives of two people.

Remembering back on my own wedding, the day goes by so quickly. When it's over, people are left with very few tangible elements. Photographs are such an important piece in revisiting & reliving moments, emotions & experiences.

The work that I do serves to capture the start of a big, beautiful new chapter in life. My goal is to create heirlooms that will be reminisced over & passed down from one family to the next.

Simply put, there is no better job in the world that I could ask for.

 " From the beginning of the process, Austin put us at ease & made us feel so comfortable. He listened to our story & our hopes for our photos - and his vision perfectly matched what we had in mind. Our pictures came out better than we could have ever dreamed - natural, without feeling too posed. They are effortlessly “us.” We will cherish our photos for a lifetime. ”


 " Working with Austin was a wonderful experience. Not only are our photos beautiful, but Austin made the process of taking them an absolute breeze. My wedding party had a great time with him & he made the day efficient & enjoyable for everyone. He captured sweet moments that I will forever treasure to help me remember a day that is a happy blur.  ”


 " Austin was such a joy to work with on our wedding day. He was extremely professional, while also having a lighthearted & fun presence. My husband and I aren’t always the most comfortable in front of cameras, but Austin was able to gently guide us - allowing us to feel natural & at ease. The choice of wedding photographer was the most important decision for us & we couldn’t be happier that we placed our trust in Austin. He captured our wedding more beautifully than we could have envisioned. ”


 " Our experience with having Austin as our photographer was nothing short of amazing. Not only is he an incredibly talented photographer, he was also professional & dependable throughout the process. He has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable through his relaxed demeanor & sense of humor - which is something we really appreciated. Austin captured every detail of our wedding perfectly. ”


 " Selecting a photographer to capture our wedding was incredibly important to us. After speaking with Austin, getting to know him & understanding his style – we knew he was the perfect match. He’s fun, professional, kept things relaxed & worked wonderfully alongside all our vendors. The photographs he produced were beautiful, intimate & authentically captured our day. We’ll forever cherish them. ”


 " We decided that it was a priority to have a very specific photographer - someone whose style & portfolio matched our taste, someone professional who knew exactly what to do & someone who was willing to accommodate our ideas. Austin was just that. He was like a friend, while still being a director. He was hard working, flexible, ever-present & never underfoot. His communication was clear & helpful. We trusted Austin's guidance & it was apparent that he brought the good side out of people. We love our photos & are proud to share them.”


“ Austin captured our wedding as no one else could have. He becomes fully immersed in the couple’s vision & all their elements. Our wedding was full of outdoor challenges & tiny details that Austin conquered & captured magically. His pure & honest approach to photography cast a certain cleanliness over our shots that I will cherish forever. I can pick up our album, or look around our house, & experience our wedding all over again…without a detail feeling missed. ” 


“ Austin was really a lot of fun. We knew were very lucky to have him for our wedding as soon as he arrived & began working. He was obviously genuinely enjoying what he was doing, made everyone feel comfortable & had the whole wedding party laughing & smiling naturally from the start. When we received the photos, we were completely blown away. We couldn't be happier. "


“ In a short time, Austin was able to get to know us as a couple & what we were looking for. His personable & relaxed character was exactly what we needed. Not only was he able to photograph such memorable moments on Nantucket, but he truly captured the essence of our wedding. We are so thankful. "


“ Austin was an absolute delight to work with at our wedding. He immediately put us at ease with his professionalism, his sense of humor & his creativity. We are so grateful that he captured our special day so beautifully. ”


“ Working with Austin was the absolute best. I don't love being in front of the camera & he made me feel so comfortable & relaxed the whole day. He was the very first vendor we booked for our wedding - I'm so thankful we did. ”


“ Austin is an incredibly gifted photographer - one who is able to capture the love & enjoyment of a day that many hold as the most important of their lives. He’s personable & professional - a fly on the wall snapping intimate kisses one minute & in the next, corralling fifty people in to a family photo. He has an innate ability to help people genuinely smile & get lost in a moment. Time & time again, we look back at our photographs & feel as if we are there all over again, experiencing every moment & feeling every emotion. ” 


“ Austin is brilliant. He is impeccable at making a bride & groom - not to mention an entire wedding party & family members - feel so comfortable throughout the entire day. He was able to capture the elegance of our wedding, while at the same time, showcase the details of our small, intimate day. ”


“ Austin was the perfect choice. I was so worried our Wedding would end up feeling like an endless photoshoot, but Austin made things so easy - so we could be present & actually enjoy the day. It was effortless & our photos are so gorgeous. Thank you, Austin, for making our Wedding Day memorable & so much fun. ”


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